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Meeting Minutes 1/14/2020

LCRMEA Minutes

January 14, 2020 - 6:30pm

Cathedral Tapatia, 707 SE 164th Ave, Vancouver, WA 98684

Notes by Carmen Everingham for Bryn Scamahorn

  • Meeting called to order at 6:34pm

  • Introductions: Carmen Everingham, Scott Hamilton, Bethany Schweitzer, Greg Hinyan, Linda Wear, Rebecca Wagner, Amy Reisinger, Amberlyn Lane, Chelsea Blackburn, Jerod Storm, Katie Matsura, Tim Heichelheim, Sarah O’Mara, Salena Walker, Elizabeth O’Mara, Alene Goshey

  • Food arrives!

  • Salena demonstrates the tiny harmonica (is there a tiny kazoo to go with that?)

  • Bryn - minutes sent out last week, need a motion to approve

  • Amberlyn motions to approve, Tim seconds, all in favor of minutes

  • Carnitas! All in favor!

  • Chelsea - Carmen can my carne asada make the minutes again?

  • Carmen: Uhhhh…..YEAH!

  • Treasurer’s report

  • Katie - All general reminders

  • Requesting money - need to be requested in a week in advance or more, must specify HOW you want the money (check, mail, etc)

  • Reimbursements will be paid AFTER the festival and after you return your host packet with receipts

  • Let us know by request if there is an immediate reimbursement request for anything over $300

  • Chelsea - can we figure out the mileage reimbursement on the packet?

  • Katie - YES we can

  • Rebecca - What is the daily fee for adjudicators at the festivals?

  • $300 per day, $175/half day but the Honor Clinicians are on a different payscale

  • Old Business (Bryn)

  • Area department chairs will continue

  • We still don’t have HS honor choir, but MS honor choir is coming up so that’s an area we can still develop and improve

  • Networking areas - we are still working on this - area for growth

  • Moving around the meeting dates for LCRMEA so they work and come early enough to plan next-year activities

  • Adopting rubrics officially

  • For band - using OBDA rubrics whenever we have a new host or post it to our website for new folks

  • Sarah - for orchestra Orchestra - Glenn was supposed to be on the rubric thing but he’s not here

  • Bryn will contact Philip Denton and Glenn Wilcott about this

  • Tim - I motion for secondary band whatever large group festivals are adjudicated using the OBDA rubric;

  • Jarod seconds and all in favor

  • Calendar is finalized and the new spring meeting is moved to April 15

  • New Business

  • Bethany Schweitzer - did you add my agenda item? Bryn - yes it’s the next thing

  • Bethany - I’m teaching in 3 schools this year in elementary and it’s a lot with 2 kids so I would really love if someone can take over the website

  • Amberlyn volunteers to be webmaster and WE CLAP FOR HER!!!! :)

  • Bryn - so a long time ago our pattern followed what WMEA and made 6 year terms for someone in the president role. I’m suggesting a “past president” role for 1 year terms so that the role is formalized and to help ease the burden of the president - truth is being president isn’t that much but it can feel like a lot when you have no idea what’s going on. Responsibility would only include supporting and being there for the president so they can feel supported in their new role as president

  • Thoughts?

  • I think that’s a great idea

  • I think it’s a happy medium

  • Is it the same at the state level? Yes - but a 2 year role

  • Natalie - I move that we reinstate the past president position for LCRMEA organization for the term of one year, Linda seconds, all approve

  • Discussion about asada…meeting minutes about asada...

  • Bryn - Term nominations and voting - this morning I emailed all the nominated people and let them accept the nomination or not. Some emailed back to say that they would accept the nomination. There are two orchestra people I could potentially hear back from but everyone else has representation for the vice president and secretary and different chairs for each area. We have representation from a broad group which I’m excited about

  • Greg - Campaign donations accepted

  • Bryn - Meeting location and time - we can address this in the spring but we can consider moving the meeting to earlier in the day and perhaps for discussion - what would be the earliest that could work for you, and what complications may arise if we move the meeting?

  • Bryn - Set with festivals - we can transition to breakouts and look at festivals, concerns, Honor band etc.

  • Bryn - Do we have anything else for the general order at the moment?

  • Natalie Wilson - is being inducted into the WMEA hall of fame this year - if anyone happens to be there Thursday and is attending the banquet Thursday night Natalie requests us to join us at her table

  • Ann Medellin is running for WMEA board on the administrative position

  • Mike Iverson - regional educator of the year

  • Friend of music - Pete Boullet

  • Eat your food, thanks for being here

  • Bethany is happy :)

  • Meeting adjourned to breakouts at 7:00pm

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