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October 2017 Meeting Minutes

LCRMEA Meeting Agenda October 4th 2017 6:00pm food – 6:30pm meeting Cathedral Tapatia- Mexican Restaurant

6:30pm- Welcome Board member introductions

  • Mark Claassen: President

  • Kim Claassen: Treasurer

  • Kareah Nicoson: Secretary

  • Rebecca Weidenaar: Vice President

New Introductions New Band directors at Wy’East Middle School. Welcome Sarah and Katie! Regional News/Announcements- News from your programs

  • 2018 WMEA performances

  • Cascade Middle School Choir

  • Mountain View High School Choir

  • Union High School Chamber Orchestra

  • Music For All performances

  • Evergreen High School Band

  • Mountain View High School Chamber Strings,

  • Union percussion playing there too

May meeting minutes are approved!

Treasures Report – Kimberly Claassen Kim Financial report

  • We have $3000 in our account and we are able to pay for in-service this year

  • Festival registration deadline is December

  • However, PLEASE register early because the budget changes every year- it is based on the registrations that are received

  • Early registration= more $$$

  • Kim has registration information if you need it (also check on the website!)

  • Festival costs- please make sure you are aware of all costs, we don’t want any additional ‘surprise’ bills to pay

Mark: Working operating expenses into festivals. Should we increase the school participation fee so we have money for in-services and other costs?

  • What do we want LCRMEA to provide?

  • Provide services for teacher and student growth OR do we just want to run festivals?

  • WE need to be more than a festival organization- everyone agrees

  • Mark reviews operating expenses (see October agenda)

  • Total expenses for the year=$2,636.00,

  • Last year we were short $1,586.00 (We are currently waiting for festival registrations to come in to make this up)

***Proposal for next year: we increase the school participation fee? Jean- what do other areas do? Danielle- Alternating in-services each year? Bryn- one year we use a local volunteer, the next year we pay someone for our in-services We need a decision. Our committee to figure this out. We will need to know this by next year so we know what to expect. *Mark will email

  1. Kim Claassen

  2. Carinn Ormson

  3. Phil Scamahorn

  • Festival coordinators- PLEASE save $130.00 so we can have a full $500.00 per area fir in-services next year. *Mark will email

New Business- LCRMEA Advisory positions are the same but choir is now Bethany Schweitzer

  • Duties: Plan in-services and help with honor groups

Calendar is all same (see October meeting agenda)

  • Middle school choir festival needs a site and date

  • IF you need help/info on hosting a festival? Contact Kim for a meeting

We have a new website. Thank you Bethany!

In-service on October 13th 9am-4pm

  • Orchestra and band at Union

  • Elementary at Harmony

  • Choir at Mountain View

  • Clock hours provided through WMEA for in-services

  • Bryn Scamahorn will set this up

Solo Ensemble NEW RATES!

  • $12.50 for solo

  • $25 for small ensemble

  • $5 per person for large ensemble

WMEA Info All-State Audition Applications are due OCT 10th

  • Utilize YME funds if your student needs financial help

NAFME login is different! (See Meeting Agenda)

NEW teachers check out the connection website-

  • Send names of new teachers in the area to Mark Claassen

WIAA rule changes

  • Choral divisions by voice, not gender

  • Mariachi now a category

  • IF ADDED after deadline, you will not eligible for state

Associate school memberships- all state application fees are waved

YMEA/Music matters license plates… get one! DO the Music matters grant!!

  • They are expecting to have more money to give out this year

7:00pm Dismissed to break out areas. Meet for topics under agenda breakouts

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