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Meeting Minutes


Treasurer’s report – Kimberley Claassen

· Currently missing packets from one festival and one solo/ensemble event.

· $5000 is currently owed to LCRMEA from participating schools. Kim will send out a list of delinquent accounts next week.

· Procedures for reimbursement: Kim proposed moving festival registration due date to the Wednesday in December directly before Winter Break to cover costs for solo/ensemble events (so judges can be paid the day of the event, etc.) Mark Claassen moved for a vote. Motion passed

· Note for next year’s event hosts: you must turn in completed packets at least one week before the event so that checks can be ready on the day of the event.


· President: Mark Claassen will continue in a two year term

· Vice President: Rebecca Weidenaar voted into office

· Secretary: Kareah Nicoson will continue in a two year term

Curricular Chairs

· Band: Sam Ormson

· Choir: Unfilled at this time

· Orchestra: Liz Omara

· Elementary: Bryn Scamahorn

Next year’s dates

· 09/??/16 Fall LCRMEA meeting 6pm Thursday TBD

· 10/14/16 Inservice day (can only do it if funds are available)

· 01/??/17 Winter LCRMEA meeting 6pm Thursday TBD

· 02/25/17 HS instrumental Solo and Ensemble @ Union HS, Mark Claassen-host

· 03/04/17 HS Vocal Solo and Ensemble @ Hudson’s Bay, Jen M will Schedule

· 03/11/17 MS Solo and Ensemble @ Covington MS, Jean Kent-host

· 03/14/17 MS Band Festival @ Ridgefield HS, Charlie Greggerson-host

· 03/16/17 MS Choral Festival @ Ridgefield HS, host needed (Katie Hebner?)

· 03/17/17 HS Choral Festival @ Union HS, Mikkel Iverson-host

· 03/21/17 HS Orchestra Festival @ Skyview HS, Sarah O’Mara-host

· 03/25/17 Elementary Youth Honor Choir @ Washougal HS, Carinn Ormson-host

· 03/29-30/17 HS Band Festival @Evergreen HS, Bent Johnson-host

· 05/??/17 Spring LCRMEA meeting 6pm Thursday TBD

· MS orchestra still has no festival date or host for the 2016-17 school year

LCRMEA Honor Orchestra and Band Introduction

· The Honor Concert will be Saturday, Nov. 19 @ Skyview HS

· Rehearsal dates

o Wed 11/9 7-9pm rehearsal with local directors

o Wed 11/16 7-9pm rehearsal with local directors

o Thur 11/17 6-9pm rehearsal with guest conductor

o Fri 11/18 8:30am - 4:00pm rehearsal with guest conductor

o Sat 11/19 Morning and early afternoon dress rehearsal

· Audition date is Thursday, 10/20 – afternoon and evening auditions

· General information

o Open auditions to any student in the LCRMEA region

o One orchestra and two bands

o $5.00 audition fee, $30.00 fee once accepted

o Audition material will be out by the end of the school year (hopefully)

o Attendance to ALL rehearsals is REQUIRED

· Reasoning

o To create an honor group opportunity for all students in LCRMEA region

o Create an affordable group experience

o Allow students from many different schools and backgrounds to interact and create music together

o Expose our students to premier music educators in our field

· There is still talk of an honor choir as well—still researching interest levels.

Information from WMEA

· New All-Northwest audition material is now available at

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