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May Meeting Minutes

LCRMEA Meeting Minutes

May 16, 2018

6:00pm food, 6:30pm meeting

Cathedral Tapatia- Mexican Restaurant

6:30pm- Welcome and introductions

New Members- Introduce new members to the group

Regional News/Announcements

  • Tim H: Skyview Jazz festival for HS and MS 1st weekend in December

  • Mega-band is happening for Vancouver SD and Evergreen SD in the Starlight parade!

Job Needs

  • Washougal HS choir interviewed yesterday

  • Ann: (Mostly) full time band job in Vancouver SD

Jan. Meeting Minutes approved

Treasures Report

Kimberly Claassen- LCRMEA Treasurer: We have plenty of money for fall in-service!

  • End of year financials

  • Outstanding payments- Kim will email out a list to programs who still need to pay

Recap important business from the year

  • Committee met and their recommendation to the board was:

  • School Participation Fee for MS & HS will be raised to $70 (per school)

  • Elementary honor choir will budget $500 to pay for October in-service

  • Solo Ensemble Fees

  • Solo $12.50, Small Ensemble $25 (not $5)+$5 for every student, Large Ensemble $5 a student

  • $300 for judges (increased this year) *host packet need to be updated*

  • New Business- LCRMEA

  • Our New Board Members

  • President: Brynn Scamahorn

  • Vice President: Rebecca Weidenaar

  • Treasurer: Katie Matsuura will co-run with Kim

  • Secretary: Carmen Everingham

  • October In-service

  • You have $500 to pay each clinician for 3-5 hours of time

  • You will also have to find location

  • Area chairs to organize in-service in each area Oct. 12th in-service:

  • Elementary: Bryn/Carinn: orff workshop “Amidons”

  • Choir: *Need to email out to find a chair*

  • Band: Tim Heichelheim

  • Orchestra: Ann Medellin

  • Calendar Information-

  • 9/12/18 Fall Meeting: TBD

  • 10/12/18 LCRMEA October Inservice: Place and time TBD

  • 12/8/18 LCRMEA HS and MS Instrumental Honor Groups Concert -

  • 1/9/19 Winter Meeting TBD *maybe 3rd Wednesday for Vancouver SD people?*

  • 1/26/19 LCRMEA MS Honor Choir @ EHS, Kim Claassen - Host

  • 2/15-2/17/19 NAfME All Northwest Conference @ Portland

  • 2/22/19?? HS Regional Percussion Ensemble @ UHS, Tim and Adam-Host

  • 2/23/19 HS Regional Instrumental S/E @ HHS, Phil, Jay, Glenn-Host, Mark will schedule

  • 3/9/19 HS Vocal S/E @ Fort Vancouver, Bethany Schweitzer-Host

  • 3/14/19 HS Choir I Festival @ Skyview HS, Phil-Host

  • 3/19/19 HS Orchestra Festival @ Skyview, Sarah Omara-Host

  • 3/23/19 Elementary Youth Honor Choir @ Heritage HS, Bryn Scamahorn (Host) Amy Ballard? (Carinn will contact)

  • 3/27/19 MS Orchestra Festival @ HHS, Glenn Wilcott-Host

  • 3/27-3/28 HS Band Festival @ EHS, Brent Johnson-Host

  • 4/16/19 Young Choir Festival @ TBD, Margaret-Green Host. Needs a place (Bethany is looking into Fort)

  • 5/4/19 MS S/E @ Covington, Katie or Bruce-Host (who is go to person?), who schedules?

  • 5/9/19 Spring LCRMEA Meeting: TBD

  • TBD MS Band Festival @ TBD, Host TBD

  • TBD Ms Choir Festival @TBD, Ben Bouton Host

  • TBD HS Honor Choir @ TBD, Host TBD

  • Information from WMEA

  • New All-State audition material is now available at

  • Solo and Ensemble Info

  • HS Instrumental Solo & Ensemble Festival

  • Will be hosted @ HHS by Jay, Phil, and Glenn

  • Propose:

  • Splitting off HS Percussion ensembles

  • Move to Friday, 2/22/19. About 4 hours (5-9ish?)

  • Still be hosted by UHS with the newest gear

  • Alleviate scheduling pressure; perc. has most kids in it that might play other instruments, thus making scheduling challenging with 15 minute timeslot

  • 15 minute time slots, maybe longer?

  • Alleviate congestion with people in hallways and moving gear at HHS

  • Allow teachers to see more groups

  • Honor Groups Info: 1 host per group with own budget

  • HS Instrumental Honor Groups:

  • Chair: Band- Mark Claassen, Orchestra – TBD?

  • 10/24/18 HS Instrumental Honor Groups Audition

  • 11/14/18 HS Honor Groups Read-Through rehearsal

  • 11/28/18 HS Honor Groups Sectionals rehearsal

  • 12/5/18 HS Honor Groups Rehearsal 7-9p

  • 12/6/18 HS Honor Groups Rehearsal 6-9p

  • 12/7/18 HS Honor Groups Rehearsal ALL SCHOOL DAY

  • 12/8/18 Hs Honor Groups Dress rehearsal and Concert

  • MS Honor Band

  • Chair: Chelsea Blackburn

  • Fri

  • Friday day or evening rehearsal?

  • Saturday rehearsal and concert with HS

  • MS Honor Orchestra Dates

  • Chair: Carmen

  • Should try to keep same dates as HS

  • Does HS honor orchestra and MS orchestra have concert earlier at MVHS or have a different concert venue?

  • Choice 1 – 4:30 Honor Orchestra concert, 7:00pm Honor Bands concert @ MVHS

  • Choice 2 – two separate concert venues with staggered, or the same times as the Honor Bands concert?

  • MS Honor Choir Dates

  • Chair: Kim Claassen

  • 1/23 evening rehearsal, 1/26 concert

  • TALK OF Middle School groups on same concert as High School groups???

  • Other questions?

  • Jean: questions on Opus (scheduling software) send to Bruce

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