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May 2017 Meeting Minutes

LCRMEA Meeting Agenda May 18th, 2017 6:00pm food – 6:30pm meeting Cathedral Tapatia- Mexican Restaurant

6:50pm- Welcome New Introductions Regional News/Announcements- News from your programs - Job openings: Washougal has opening in elementary music; Frontier MS orchestra; Union beginning strings

Treasures Report – Kimberly Claassen Financial report

  • HS Instrumental Honor Groups, MS Choir Festival, and HS Instrumental S/E went over budget; therefore host stipends did not go out or were reduced. We need to restructure fees for festivals and ensembles.

  • Checks received are missing information (no school, no department, etc.) which make to difficult to apply to correct event and school. PO’s would be a great help. Philip Denton will ask questions of Vancouver SD to see what can be done.

  • Still $4000 missing in invoices.

New Business- LCRMEA Next year’s meeting dates - There is a need to find dates that will allow more people to be present. Mark suggested consistent dates. After discussion, the final decision was the first Wednesday of the traditional three months: October, January, and May.

Change of MS Solo ensemble date - Current date clashes with NWACDA each year. Proposed new month is May, preferably towards the beginning to not to clash with marching season.

Solo Ensemble Fees change

  • Mark presented a research and suggestions drawn up by Joel Karn for new S/E fees. Compared to several other WA regions, we are currently at the low end for paying adjudicators, hosts, and managers. Our fees for students are also at the low end. Joel suggested:

  • Adjudicators be paid $300

  • Host be paid $100 plus $.30 per entry

  • Contest manager be paid $300

  • Fees for students would be @12.50 for solo, $25 for small ensemble, and $5 per person for large ensembles

  • Motion carried to adjust the Adjudicator’s fee. Host and contest manager fee is still undecided.

  • Sam Ormson suggested a “per person” fee for students regardless of group size. $12.50 was suggested. Motion carried.

October In-service – the following are in charge of finding presenters: Band – Sam Ormson Choir – Vancouver team will work together Orchestra – Liz O’Mara Elementary – Bryn Scamahorn

Next Year’s Dates 9/06/17 Fall Meeting (per discussion above) 10/13/17 October Inservice: Place and time TBD 12/9/17 LCRMEA HS and MS Instrumental Honor Groups Concert- MVHS 1/3/18 January Meeting (per discussion above) 1/27/18 LCRMEA HS and MS Vocal Honor Groups Concert- Cascade MS & Evergreen HS 2/24/18 HS Instrumental Solo & Ensemble: UHS, Mark Claassen-Host 3/3/18 HS Vocal Solo & Ensemble: EHS, Mike Day-Host May MS Solo & Ensemble: Covington MS, Bruce Dunn-Host (per discussion above) 3/13/18 MS Band Festival: Ridgefield HS, Charlie Greggerson- Host 3/16/18 HS Vocal Festival I: UHS, Mike Iverson- Host 3/20/18 HS Orchestra Festival: Skyview HS, Sarah O’Mara- Host 3/24/18 Elementary Youth Honor Choir: Washougal HS, Carinn Ormson- Host 3/28-29/18 HS Band Festival: Evergreen HS, Brent Johnson- Host 3/29/18 MS Orchestra Festival: Heritage HS, Glen Wilcott – Host 4/18/18 HS Choir Festival II: Washougal HS, Jennifer Mahorney – Host 5/2/18 Spring Meeting (per discussion above)

MS Choir Festival still does not have a date; Katie Hebner will co-host, but a site is needed.

HS/MS Instrumental Honor Band

  • Chelsea is organizing the Honor Band; need confirmation of Liz O’Mara organizing the Honor Orchestra

  • MS submission will be by teacher nomination – the top 20% of your program

  • Participation fee will be about $20-25 including concert ticket

  • MS groups will rehearse day of concert.

  • Dates are as follows:

10/25 HS Instrumental Auditions @ MVHS 11/15 HS Reading rehearsal 7-9p 11/28 HS Sectional rehearsal 7-9p 12/6 HS group rehearsal 7-9p 12/7 HS group rehearsal w/ guest conductor 6-9p 12/8 HS group school day rehearsal w/guest conductor 12/9 Dress Rehearsal/HS-MS Honor Group Performance

HS/MS Vocal Honor Choir Dates – will be discussed in break out area

Information from WMEA New All-State audition material is now available at

7:45pm Dismissed to break out areas as needed

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