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Application deadline is Wednesday, October 11th.



  1. Please have any student fill out the form and return it to you with a check to your school or boosters. Paper forms should be due to you by Tuesday, October 10th.

  2. Teachers, using the paper registration forms (attached), enter the information using the google form found here. Electronic forms should be submitted by midnight Wednesday, October 11th. The form is live now and can be used at anytime up to October 12th.

  3. You will receive an invoice for the audition fee payments from LCRMEA.  Please pay this as soon as possible as this will help to pay for music and other upfront fees.

  4. You will receive audition times on or around Wednesday, October 18th.

  5. Auditions will take place for Orchestra and Band at Mountain View High School between 5:00pm and 8:00pm on Wednesday, October 25th. Please have students block this time out in their schedule.  We cannot take requests for timeslots.

  6. Judges will listen to students blind (except for percussion) and they will never interact with the audition subject.  This will ensure that teachers judging their own students can remain unbiased.

  7. Packets for accepted students will be compiled directly after auditions on October 25th and put into the pony to your respective schools the next day.  You will then receive them 4-6 days later.

  8. By auditioning, each student is already confirming their acceptance if chosen to participate in the honor group. (The paper registration form that they turn into you confirms that availability.)